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What is sport psychology, or mental skills training?


Sport psychology is a proficiency that combines psychological principles with applied knowledge of sport and performance to address the optimal performance and well-being of athletes and performers. It is also commonly called mental skills training, mental training, or sport and performance psychology.  


How can sport and performance psychology help me?
  • Increase consistency

  • Improve overall performance

  • Differentiate you among recruiters

  • Enhance enjoyment

  • Hone self-awareness


Why choose Summit?

As former athletes ourselves, we have personal experience applying mental skills in action. We are dynamic and engaging consultants who enjoy what we do and help you enjoy it, too. We provide you with flexibility in scheduling. We tailor our services to meet your needs. Working with Summit can be a recruitment differentiator for teams, groups, and clubs because we help athletes, performers, and business professionals thrive while learning to live in the moment and enjoy their experience.


When will I see results?

Like physical training, mental training takes time. The more time you commit to working with us to improve your mental toughness, the more improvement you should see.