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Motivation: How to Discover and Maintain Your Drive

We're wrapping up spring seasons and academic years. Cue the sigh of relief! Take a moment to celebrate your accomplishments!


And, now that that brief moment is over... back to the reality that life goes on. For many athletes these days, the end of a spring season doesn't mean the end of training, or even competing if you play for teams year round. At this time, it's important to know how to stay motivated. 

Motivation is the reason for your effort (or lack thereof) to achieve a goal. It determines the intensity with which you go after your objectives. Motivation influences:

  • Effort and persistence

  • Goal setting

  • Focus

  • Resilience

  • Recovery from mistakes


Motivation exists along a continuum from intrinsic (internal) motivation to extrinsic (external) motivation. This means that behavior is driven by internal or external rewards, or some combination.


If you are intrinsically motivated, you are motivated to:

  • Improve your own skills, speed, strength, and so on

  • Learn new skills and techniques

  • Enjoy the challenge of your sport or activity

  • Feel good

If you are extrinsically motivated, you are motivated to:

  • Win a game or title

  • Be the team’s top scorer or fastest runner

  • Get praise from Coach

  • Earn fame or notoriety

A combination of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is best. Intrinsic motivation is within your control, so no matter the outcome of a competition, you can still foster your drive. Extrinsic motivation adds value because it helps you dream big and fuel your hunger to compete and be the best.

How do you discover what motivates you? And how do you maintain it?

Think about what motivates you. Maybe you think about winning or being the best, and maybe you think about setting a new personal record or learning a new skill (or all of the above!). There are different kinds of motivation, and one size does not fit all. You want to find what works for you. To do this, follow these steps.


Step 1. Identify your purpose. Answer this question:

I do what I do because…

(Tip: Be specific. Think about and write down how competing (or whatever you do) challenges you, how it rewards you, and how it makes you feel.)


Step 2. Identify your motivators. Answer these questions:

I am motivated to…

I am motivated by…


Step 3. Put it together. Write it down in one place.

Write: My goal is to…

Write: I am motivated to get this done by (fill in your top motivators)

Read your purpose and condense it into one statement: Your Purpose Statement.

Conclude with your Purpose Statement.


Step 4. Revisit this often to keep your motivation on track.



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