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4 Tips to Help You Stand Out At Tryouts

August 9, 2018

Summer break is wrapping up and tryouts and preseasons are approaching.


Make sure you’re ready to stand out at tryouts and earn your spot on the team!

 Here are 4 tips to help you stand out:


1. Demonstrate your work ethic:

Coaches are looking for athletes who are willing to work hard and push themselves. Going after loose balls and pushing through the line on sprints show coaches that you have a strong work ethic. It reflects an attitude to keeping challenging yourself and never give up. Those are the athletes coaches want on the field!


2. Be open to feedback from coaches:

This is a big one. Demonstrating that you are an athlete who can accept critiques and corrections from coach – and then put them into action – lets coaches know that you’re an athlete who strives to improve. It shows that you’re coachable.


To do this, make sure you actively listen to coach. Face your coach, look her/him in the eyes, and really pay attention to listening. If you need clarification, don’t be afraid to ask. You want to make sure you know what coach wants from you. 


Overall, have a good attitude about feedback. Remember, if coach didn’t think you could improve, she/he wouldn’t give you instruction at all!


3. Don’t be afraid to take risks:

If you want to stand out, you have to take risks. Challenge yourself to be creative on the field. Will you make mistakes? Yes. But, every athlete makes mistakes. It’s important to show that you’re a courageous, creative athlete who is willing to try new things to improve.


Coaches respect players who take smart risks because they can lead to successful plays and peak performance.


4. Recover quickly from mistakes:

This follows risk taking. Like I said above, you’re going to make mistakes. It’s not the mistakes themselves that really matter, but rather, how you recover from them.


Make sure you show coach that you can shake mistakes off quickly and refocus in the moment. Coach will be on the lookout for how quickly you can get back into the action. No coach wants an athlete on the field who is always putting her head down after a turnover or throwing her hands in the air in frustration after making a bad decision.


To show that you can recover quickly from mistakes, prepare yourself with a refocusing cue. It can be something physical (like snapping your fingers or shaking your head) or mental (like saying “let it go” or “next play”) – but whatever it is, it should quickly trigger you to refocus on the play and keep moving.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to stand out at tryouts and show your coach that you have the physical and mental toughness to earn your spot!


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