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The Secret To Being The Team Member Everyone Wants

August 23, 2018

We’ve probably all had both good and bad experiences being part of a team.


Some teams function so well together. They get along on and off the field and they play so smoothly together.


Other teams don’t have that level of cohesion. Things don’t always click – or worse yet – there can be massive amounts of conflict between players and coaches on or off the field.


A big part of what makes and breaks team chemistry is the individual members on the team.


Each individual member of the team has an impact. How he/she works into the team’s culture, accepts his/her role, and communicates with team members and coaches has a huge influence on the overall cohesiveness of the team.


So, don’t you want to be a team member who makes a positive contribution to team chemistry?!



Here’s the secret:


Know Your Role:

  • Identify your role on the team. This includes how you’re expected to contribute both on and off the field. For example, on the field, you might be a play maker or a leader by example. Off the field, you might be a peace maker or a jokester who keeps things light in the locker room when the pressure is high.

  • Once you know what that role is, commit to it. Embrace it and learn everything you need to do in order to do that job. You can talk to coaches and teammates for feedback, or keep a training journal to set goals for yourself and reflect on how you’re doing executing your specific role.

  • If you aren’t happy with your role, and respectfully talking to coach about your concerns hasn’t helped, try to change your mindset about your role. Sit down and really think about two or three ways in which your role has a significant impact on the team. Ideas might not be obvious at first, but don’t give up. Once you can identify your impact, it helps you feel like your role has purpose. That purpose provides a serious spark of motivation!


Keep in mind that roles change and evolve. As you continue to do your job on and off the field, you’ll find that you might take on more responsibility, or see your role evolving as the needs of the team change. Always remember that you’re one piece of the overall team puzzle, and your job is to help the team reach its goals!


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