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How To Avoid Getting Stale

February 15, 2018

Getting stale doesn’t just happen to bread and chips (stale chips… the worst!). It can happen to all of us. Our daily routines can get monotonous and boring and start to feel, well, stale.


If you’ve ever fallen into the trap of a stale routine, you’re not alone. You get ready to do your workout for the day and think, “Ugh. I’m over this,” or “I just don’t feel motivated.” Whether it’s your daily exercise routine, the food in your fridge, or the same old work assignments, life can lose its luster.


This is a recipe for:

  • Loss of motivation

  • Lack of focus

  • Drop in energy

  • Overall bummed out-ness

Avoid the dreaded staleness by adding a little spice to your routine.


This week, challenge yourself to add something new to all your routines. For example:

  • Your workout regimen: Replace a couple sets or drills with new ones

  • Your daily diet: Change up your snacks, choose one day or night to go out to lunch or dinner, or decide to make a new recipe

  • Your end-of-day routine: Instead of Netflix, start a good book; rather than scrolling through Instagram, start a puzzle (I come from a long line of puzzlers… you’re going to get addicted) – just mix it up!

Whatever spices you choose to shake things up, make sure they’re exciting for you. Yes, you want to mix things up, but you also want to make sure the changes help you to:

  • Feel more motivated and energized

  • Feel more focused

  • Feel less bummed out!

Once you conquer this challenge for the week, keep it up. Make it part of your routine to switch up your routine every two weeks, every month, or every few months – whatever works for you.


Just remember, you wouldn’t stand stale chips, so don’t stand for a stale life.

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