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Values: The Secret to Setting Goals that Stick

January 4, 2018

New year, new you. I’m sure you’ve seen this once (or maybe more like 30 times) on social media recently as we rang in the new year.


I don’t agree.


New year, yes. But new you? Likely not. Why? Because you are still you at your core, with the same beliefs and values. Perhaps the new year motivates you to set new goals, but sticking with the same you might be your best chance to make those goals stick.


I’d prefer: new year, new goals (I know, it’s not as catchy…).

Setting value-driven goals – or goals based on and consistent with the things you value most – is a recipe for success. To make this clear, let’s do some defining.


  • Goals are objectives you are trying to accomplish. They are actionable items you can quantify and check off a list once done.

  • Values represent what is meaningful and important to you (think: honesty, integrity, hard work, fairness, respect, success).


Goals are like steps leading up a path to your destination, and your values are the path itself.

So, how do you set value-driven goals that will stick?

  • Identify 3 values that relate to your performance domain that are most important to you

  • Identify 3 – 6 goals you want to accomplish (some can double up!)

  • Match these goals with your values

    • For example, if you have a goal, “be the team captain,” this could match with a value of leadership or trustworthiness

  • Rewrite your goals to reflect your values

    • For example, your goal to “be a team captain” might evolve into “gain teammates’ trust daily by demonstrating fairness and good work ethic, and by providing encouragement and feedback as I work to earn a captain position”


Infusing your values into your goals ensures that your goals are important to you and will keep you on a path to a destination you’ll be proud of.

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